Download latest library, or compile latest code

How to use the latest code from trunk.

Downloading manually

Get latest SNAPSHOT artifacts from the Sonatype repository.]

Using the maven repository

  • Periodically the trunk is compiled an deployed in the Sonatype snapshot repository, so you could download latest jar from here.
  • Also you could use it in your maven project just adding these lines to your pom.xml
  • Latest snapshot is compiled using last gwt-version (it should work with 2.5.x, 2.4.0, 2.3.0 and 2.2.0), so if you wanted to use it in an older gwt version you should compile by hand.

Compiling it

  • Download the source code from either GitHub or Google-Code
  • Compile the code using maven
  • Use the generated jar file
 $ git clone


 $ git clone

 $ cd gwtquery
 $ mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip=true
 $ ls -l gwtquery-core/target/gwtquery-*-SNAPSHOT.jar