Create an App from Scratch

If you can't, or prefer not to use a Maven Archetype, the following steps will guide you through the creation of a new application from scratch.

Note: For a more in-depth guide on creating a new GWTP application, you can read the Beginner's Tutorial.

Folder Structure

First, start off by creating the initial folder structure. This structure is going to help us separate logical components.

└─ src
   └─ main
      ├─ java
      │ └─ com
      │    └─ mydomain
      │       └─ myproject
      │          └─ client
      │             └─ application
      │                └─ home
      └─ webapp
         └─ WEB-INF

Using your terminal, you can easily create all the directories with the following commands:

mkdir -p src/main/java/com/mydomain/myproject/client/application/home
mkdir -p src/main/java/webapp/WEB-INF

Import the Dependencies

In order to use GWTP, you need to import the source code. This can either be done with a dependency management tool (Maven, Gradle, etc.) or manually. We highly recommend using such a tool as it makes managing transitive dependencies a lot easier.

If using Maven you should really skip through the boilerplate and use an archetype.