Migrating from version 1.1 to 1.2

There is very little breaking changes between 1.1 and 1.2, but some classes got moved from one package to another.

Moved classes

You will want to go through all your files and update your imports for the following classes. Using modern IDE, a simple search and replace across all files may be enough to save you the hassle.

Old package New package
com.gwtplatform.mvp.client.proxy.PlaceRequest com.gwtplatform.mvp.shared.proxy.PlaceRequest
com.gwtplatform.mvp.client.proxy.TokenFormatter com.gwtplatform.mvp.shared.proxy.TokenFormatter
com.gwtplatform.mvp.client.proxy.ParameterTokenFormatter com.gwtplatform.mvp.shared.proxy.ParameterTokenFormatter
com.gwtplatform.mvp.client.proxy.RouteTokenFormatter com.gwtplatform.mvp.shared.proxy.RouteTokenFormatter

New mandatory GIN bindings

If you don't install DefaultModule or RestDispatchAsyncModule, you will likely end up with missing binding issues. To fix them, add this line in one of your GIN module:

install(new CommonGinModule());