Migrating from version 1.4 to 1.5


For migrating between versions, you can use gwtp-type-slot-upgrader or you can do it manually by following these instructions:

  • Replace every @ContentSlot by NestedSlot
  • You can replace other slots with the Slot<PresenterWidget<?>> type and it will work. However, you should use the right slot type when possible since it will clarify the intent of the slot.
  • In the view, if your code looked like this:
    @Override public void setInSlot(Object slot, IsWidget content) { if (slot == ApplicationPresenter.SLOT_HEADER) { header.setWidget(content); } else if (slot == ApplicationPresenter.SLOT_CONTENT) { main.setWidget(content); } else { super.setInSlot(slot, content); } }
    You can simply replace it with:
    ApplicationView(...) { (...) bindSlot(ApplicationPresenter.SLOT_HEADER, header); bindSlot(ApplicationPresenter.SLOT_CONTENT, content); }
    It also works for addToSlot. You can still use addToSlot/setInSlot if you need to do more, but make sure you have super.setInSlot() in an else clause.