Website Embedding

Embedding GWTP application into a website.

Embedding a GWTP app in a webpage

Say you have a standard HTML page and want the GWTP to appear within the mainContent element on that page. To do this, simply write your custom RootPresenter in this way:

public class MyRootPresenter extends RootPresenter {

    public static final class MyRootView extends RootView {
        public void setInSlot(Object slot, IsWidget widget) {

    MyRootPresenter(EventBus eventBus, MyRootView myRootView) {
        super( eventBus, myRootView );

Then, in your gin module, replace the following line: bind(RootPresenter.class).asEagerSingleton();
by: bind(RootPresenter.class).to(MyRootPresenter.class).asEagerSingleton();