Jukito lets you use dependency injection in all your tests, be they unit tests, full integration tests, or anything in between. Its automocking power reduces boilerplate to a minimum, and you will quickly grow addicted to its nice annotation-based and typesafe syntax for parameterized tests.

You can get the latest Jukito release from the Maven Central or from the Releases page. For the latest build, fresh out of the oven, head over to our continuous integration server.


  • DOC injection on test class fields and into test methods
  • DOC and SUT reset before every test method call - new scope via @TestSingleton annotation
  • installation of your custom Guice modules
  • Environment Dependent Modules - one test, many environment configurations


  • Put @RunWith(JukitoRunner.class) on test class
  • Add inner class like public static class A extends JukitoModule if you would like to install custom Guice modules or use @UseModules annotation


  • Ultra easy test - first shot - link
  • @UseModules - link
  • Installing custom modules - link
  • Using methods factories to satisfy dependencies - link