Advantages over Guiceberry

Guiceberry is meant for full integration tests, whereas Jukito was devised for unit tests, keeping in mind the ability to scale all the way to full integration tests. As a result, Jukito leads to simpler and shorter code for unit tests, which should comprise most of the tests in a typical application. In particular:

  • Guiceberry requires an external environment class, Jukito lets you place that class right in the test class.
  • Guiceberry needs you to manually bind all your mocks, Jukito automatically identifies unbound interfaces and mock them.
  • Binding to spies requires some scaffolding in Guiceberry, it's included natively in Jukito.
  • Jukito supports injecting into test methods, Guiceberry doesn't.
  • Jukito supports multibinding and the @All annotation for simple parametrized test cases, Guiceberry doesn't have anything similar.